10 Things Students Demand from Student Accommodation

Remember your uni days? Driving a beat-up Commodore with milk bottles filled with water sitting on the back seat, ready to re-fill the thirsty radiator. You probably parked it out front of your share house, 9 of you crammed into a 4 bedroom house furnished with mismatched furniture collected from various curbside collection days around the city.

Sadly, students of today will never know such joy. They don’t want to either. Now they demand much more of their accommodation and probably more from their first car too. Read on for our Top 10 list of things all students now expect from their accommodation. 

1. Fast wi-fi

This is number 1 for a reason – serve up inadequate internet and you’ll be running a very unsuccessful student accommodation property. Students of today view a solid internet connection as a human right akin to water or a roof over their heads.  It’s got to be fast.

If it’s not speedy enough to stream movies, play games or listen to music, it’s no good to the average student.

2. Inclusive bills

This is a requirement in Queensland for Rooming Accommodation, so it is a standard offering in Queensland and most of Australia. Many accommodation providers have expanded this to include household items such as cleaning products to help minimize friction between tenants purchasing items for the household.

3. Private bathroom

Ask any parents who went to university about their experiences and they’re bound to describe flustered mornings spent queuing for the bathroom. Not surprisingly, those days are drawing to a close with many students longing for private bathrooms where they can primp and groom at their leisure.

4. Double bed

Maybe even a queen; long gone are the days when a regular single would have satisfied the humble student. Now they like to have space while they sleep – alternating between sides of the bed or maybe even sleeping starfish-style.

5. High security

Plenty of student accommodations have always taken security seriously, but now savvy students are being even more cautious about their safety. Features such as security screens, external lighting, CCTV and manned receptions are all attractive features.

6. Own kitchen

For those in university-run halls, set catered meals have long been the norm. Nowadays however students want more space in which to experiment with their own meals, as well as enjoy more intimate dining with their friends.

This desire has exhibited itself in growing demand for self-contained studios and shared apartments.

7. TV

No longer just a privilege a TV is now one of the most important things to a student. As such more and more properties now offer these as a standard inclusion in every room; a feature tenants love.

8. Ability to customise

No student likes a pre-planned cutout for their personal living quarters. That’s why little touches like shelving and noticeboards will go a long way towards enticing them towards a property. As students become increasingly independent, self-aware and expressive, the ability to customise and make their space truly their own is becoming all the more important.

9. Exciting common rooms

As well as comfy couches and space to mingle with others, many students value things that will add a bit of excitement to this casual socialising – such as a mini cinema or games room.

10. A top location

Last, but certainly not least, location is everything. As well as being comfortably placed in relation to their uni, students want to know that they are in the midst of the action. Whether it’s being a stone’s throw from the local nightlife or having smooth transport links to shops, gyms and other amenities. When it comes to accommodation and the social-hopping student, it’s also what’s outside that count. 

Hive Student Accommodation provides a variety of standard rooms, en-suite rooms and studios to meet the needs of the modern student – offering inclusive bills, wifi, and a range of locations and inclusions. Vist out Contact Page to get in touch.

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