6 steps to choosing the right student accommodation for you!

Moving out of home for the first time? Consider the below points to help you chose your home away from home.


1.     Budget

Only look at properties in your budget.  While it’s nice to dream and look at the nicest/most expensive property on the market you can spend a lot of time viewing properties that may not be in your price range.  Student Accommodation in Brisbane is in high demand and spending time dreaming may mean you miss out on your preferred property by not getting in ahead of the pack.


2.     Location, Location, Location

Consider how far is the property from the university? How close is it to shops/parks/gym. What public transport is available to get you to and from your chosen university?


3.     Property features/tenant numbers

Consider the number of tenants in the property and the ratio of tenants to facilities such as bathrooms.  Generally properties where multiple tenants share a bathroom are cheaper than one with multiple bathrooms so your budget will come into play here.


4.     Inclusions

Most rooming, A.K.A. Student accommodation, includes utilities (gas/electricity/water) but you should still ask your agent to make sure.  Also check for items such as coin-operated washing machines and factor these into your budget.


5.      Fire Safety

All properties managed by Hive Student Accommodation feature the appropriate fire safety features as required by both Queensland State and local council regulations.  Do not rent a share house from a company that doesn’t specialise in student accommodation, in our experience they frequently have inadequate and illegal fire safety systems due to their inexperience with managing rooming accommodation.


6.     University Recommendation

If you need help finding accommodation, all major universities in Brisbane have accommodation officers to assist you in finding a property.  They will recommend experienced suppliers such as Hive Student Accommodation and help you with your search for the right property.


Still can’t decide?  Contact Hive Student Accommodation today and we’ll talk you through your options and show you the properties we have available.


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