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In this section you’ll tell us about yourself, such as who you are, what you’re studying and where you’ve lived before.


PROPERTY DETAILS (The property you are applying for)

Please note that leases can only end in Jan/Feb or Jun/Jul as these times co-inside with major university semester commencement times.


Expected Course Completion

International Students (Domestic students can skip this section)

Personal References (Must not be a relative)

Emergency Contact Person


This section is used to find out about your previous accommodation and to ensure you are able to pay your rent.
Please provide us with information about how you will pay rent (i.e. Do you work, receive a Scholarship, Centrelink, parental support or some/all of the above?).

*In section 3, please provide documents as evidence of the above income/financial support source such as payslip, scholarship letter, Centrelink statement or parental guarantee letter

Employment Details (if applicable)

Where do you currently live?

Where did you live before your current residency?

SECTION 3: Supporting Documents and ID

In this section please attach supporting documentation for you application.

I, the applicant, declare that all information on this form is accurate and supplied of my own free will. I give permission for Hive Student Accommodation Pty Ltd to conduct application reference checks for the sole purpose of establishing my credentials and suitability to enter into a tenancy agreement.

I acknowledge and accept that if this application is denied or approval is withdrawn, the agent is not legally or otherwise obliged to provide reasons as to why the application was not accepted. I consent and understand that should my application be accepted, upon commencement of the tenancy agreement that there may be cause to pass my details or information about my behavior to third parties such as but not limited to insurers, contractors, education providers, my employers, parents/guardians, emergency contact, body corporate and other real estate agencies. I understand that this form constitutes an application only and is subject to written approval by Hive Student Accommodation Pty Ltd. I acknowledge that my personal contents are not covered by the lessor or their insurance policy and understand that it is my responsibility to insure my own belongings. I acknowledge that I will make no claim, demand nor commence litigation against the owner/lessor/agent should the premises be found to be unavailable. I, the applicant, declare that I am not bankrupt and/or an undischarged bankrupt and that the rental costs are within my means.

I understand:

  • A holding deposit of two weeks rent is required to secure the property once my application is approved; once I move in this will cover my first two weeks rent from the lease start date onwards. I also understand that the holding deposit is non refundable should I choose to withdraw my application for any reason after payment. The holding deposit will be refunded in full if the room/property has already been secured by another party, the room/property is not available for any reason, or in the event that Hive Student Accommodation Pty Ltd withdraws the application approval for any reason.
  • I do not intend to have a pet in or on the premises without permission in writing from Hive Student Accommodation Pty Ltd.
  • I accept the facilities and the condition of the room and property for which I am applying and accept it in its current condition.
  • I have reviewed the lease agreement, house rules and special terms available here and understand my obligations under this agreement.
  • I confirm the rent to be paid is within my means. I will undertake to pay rent in advance at all times. On-going rental payments will be made via direct deposit or bank cheque to Hive Student Accommodation Pty Ltd Trust Account.
  • The security deposit (Bond = 4 weeks rent) will be paid by direct deposit prior to signing of any tenancy agreement. Cash, personal cheque and bank cheque are not accepted when paying the deposit. I understand that I will not be able to move into the property, receive keys nor sign a tenancy agreement until this money has been received by Hive Student Accommodation Pty Ltd.
  • I understand that when paying rent via Electronic Funds Transfer, a Transaction Processing Fee, will be charged at the commencement of my lease amounting to $24 including GST per 6 months of my tenancy agreement.
  • I confirm that I have read and understood the above terms and conditions outlined by Hive Student Accommodation Pty Ltd.

Your application must be fully completed with all necessary attachments, before it will be processed by Hive Student Accommodation.

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