Brexit and Student Accommodation

Australia has witnessed strong growth in international student numbers, as outlined in the table below, growing by almost 53% since 2012. This has continued into 2017, with growth of 13.62%. Meanwhile, growth has been largely static in the UK since 2012 and the impacts of Brexit could prove to be detrimental as the UK is heavily reliant on EU student enrolments.

Table 1: Leading countries in international education: 2012 – 2017 leading countries in international education: 2012 – 2017

*Gaps = data not available. 
*Source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics,
*At time of writing (July 2019), data was not yet available from UNESCO for any county from 2018 onwards.

Recent figures suggest that UK international student applications from Europe have dropped around 10% for 2020. Much of this drop is attributed to Brexit as once Brexit is finalised, European students will have to pay international student fees as opposed to UK student fees, as well as be forced to pay up front for study, with tuition loans no longer available to them.

The questions for Australia is how many of these students will now consider Australia when choosing their international study destination. Only time will tell, but if current trends continue, Australia looks set to soon take the silver medal in Global Tertiary Education numbers.

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