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Managing Utility Costs in Rooming Accommodation

Managing your outgoings is critical to managing your investment returns in rooming accommodation. With all Australians experiencing rising electricity, gas and water prices it is more important than ever to ensure utility consumption is managed at your properties.

Hive 2017 Forecast

Hive's annual Student Accommodation report contains a summary of the supply and demand of student accommodation within Brisbane for 2017. The information is a must read for current owners and those looking to invest...

2018 Market Review- Purpose Built Student Accommodation

As the third most popular global destination for international students studying abroad, Australia has been well positioned to leverage the influx of global investment that has seen in Student Accommodation grow from a niche investment to a global asset class.

10 Things Students Demand from Student Accommodation

Remember your uni days? Driving a beat-up Commodore with milk bottles filled with water sitting on the back seat, ready to re-fill the thirsty radiator. You probably parked it out front of your share house, 9 of you crammed into a 4 bedroom house furnished with mismatched furniture collected from various curbside collection days around the city. Sadly, students of today will never know such joy. They don’t want to either. Now they demand much more of their accommodation and probably more from their first car too. Read on for our Top 10 list of things all students now expect from their accommodation.

Student Accommodation Market Review

Brisbane's student accommodation market has experienced an influx of investment as developers take advantage of the incentives & subsidies that were on offer by the Brisbane City Council until 30th June 2017. The question is- what impact is the increase in supply going to have on Brisbane’s Student Accommodation Market?

Have you considered the benefits of leasing your investment fully furnished?

Want to increase the rental return of your investment property? Leasing your investment property fully furnished can allow you to benefit from the growing number of tenants seeking ‘hassle free’ accommodation.

2018 Federal Budget- How are property investors affected?

The 2018 Federal Budget demonstrated a strong commitment to major infrastructure projects across Australia, delivering significant benefits to the surrounding areas & local property investors.

Brisbane’s property market set to benefit from major infrastructure projects

Brisbane is set to become a hotbed of activity over the coming years with a solid pipeline of mega infrastructure projects and employment opportunities, accelerating population growth in the region. As professionals migrate to Southeast Queensland to take up employment opportunities offered by these projects, strong rental demand for...

Early Start to 2018 Academic Year Drives Strong Student Accommodation Demand

Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation Update

From 1st January 2017 updated smoke alarm legislation was introduced that aims to ensure Queensland households are the safest in Australia in terms of fire safety. This change in legislation will be implemented in three stages over the next 10 years & dictates that all Queensland dwellings must have interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms in all bedrooms, in hallways that connect bedrooms with the rest of the dwelling & on each level. What are the requirements by law? This change in legislation requires…….

2017 Federal Budget Proposes Changes to Tax Depreciation

The 2017 federal budget has proposed major changes to tax depreciation legislation, which will affect property investors across Australia. Those investors who have exchanged contracts for an income producing property after 9th May 2017 will be primarily affected. Depreciation describes the declining value of an asset as it ages over time and tax depreciation allows this lost value of an asset to then be claimed by the owner as a legitimate tax deduction. There are two main sub sections of depreciation...

Australia Attracts More International Students Than Britain: JLL Student Accommodation Market Review

Australia attracts more international students than Britain and there are opportunities to extend this reach further as the number of international students globally is forecast to increase from around 4.5m currently to between 7m and 8m by 20251, according to JLL’s Student Accommodation Market Review 2016, released in November.

Student Accommodation Demand in Brisbane

Anyone concerned about student demand in Brisbane with the existing influx of student accommodation development needn’t be.

BCC Student Accommodation Infrastructure Charges Reduction

In 2014 Brisbane City Council (BCC) announced the ‘Brisbane City Council – Applied Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 4)’ which offered reduced infrastructure charges for student accommodation developments that met a number of requirements.

Student Accommodation Development in Brisbane

If you’re in Brisbane, take a moment to look outside your window, hear that hammer in the distance? The drone of a concrete pour? That’s the sound of construction, specifically the construction of student accommodation and it’s going to be here for a while so you might want to get a quote for double glazing.

Our 10 tips to award winning student accommodation

“Build it and they will come” is a saying made famous in the 1989 film ‘Field of Dreams’ and with the current demand for student accommodation in Brisbane it certainly holds true. However, before you start pouring foundations consider the below design and management tips and you’ll be building a popular complex that will be easy to rent and run for years to come.

6 steps to choosing the right student accommodation for you!

Moving out of home for the first time? Consider the below points to help you chose your home away from home.

Australia Attracts More International Students Than Britain: JLL Student Accommodation Market Review

Knight Frank have recently released this year’s report for student accommodation trends, which indicates that the market has moved on at a dramatic pace since their report in June.
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